Brighton and Hove gas consumers fail to spot deadl

Pierson Heating in Brighton and Hove is urging people to get gas appliances in their homes safety checked after a new study by the Gas Safe Register revealed more than nine in 10 gas consumers in Brighton and Hove cannot identify deadly appliances.

Gas Safe Register showed 1,200 gas consumers in Brighton and Hove 10 photographs of gas appliances. Eight were life threatening and two were completely safe. Worryingly, nearly all respondents (95 per cent) thought at least one of the potentially deadly appliances was safe, while one in 17 people (6 per cent) thought all eight dangerous appliances were safe. Only one person correctly identified all 10 appliances as safe or dangerous.

Six of the eight dangerous appliances shown could have resulted in a gas leak, fire, explosion or carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, but were safety checked before anyone was hurt. The other two unsafe appliances were investigated by the Register after they had already leaked deadly CO fumes – in one case tragically killing the homeowner and, in the other, hospitalising a family. When gas consumers were shown a picture of the gas fire that resulted in a fatality, nearly half thought it looked safe (48 per cent).

Respondents were also asked if they would get each of the dangerous appliances checked if they were in their own home. One in 11 people said they would, but only if it broke down, and one in 14 wouldn’t get it checked at all. However, as GSR’s survey shows, the only way to know if an appliance is safe or not is to have it safety checked annually. The results from this are shocking, it is essential to get appliances routinely checked every year, not only to improve efficiently but also it saves lives.

This message was added on 11 September 2015

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